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Turn flac into mpc war
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TEMA: Turn flac into mpc war
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The new release also fixes several issues with handling MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and WMA files . Upgrading to the release is strongly recommended if you are using an earlier snapshot. mp3 (Lame) Encoder: Changed to an optimized lame encoder, upto 150% the speed of the old one (R13 alpha) mp3 Tagging: Rating more compatible with Windows mp3 Tagging: URL tags can be saved mp3 Tagging: iTunes Compilation (TCMP) supported mp3 Tagging: Style tag mapped to 'Content Group Descriptor' mp3 Tagging: Subtitle tag added mp3 Tagging: idv2.3 Unicode used by default Free convert flac to mpc online try this out: flac to mpc converter cup develop flac to mpc converter free online space
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